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Manufacturers of Ear Guards, Electric Motor Terminal Box / Junction Box and Laboratory Weights
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Quality Metal Works founded in 1968. We are manufacturing Nylon Terminal Box for Electric Motors & Precision Laboratory Weights.

Ear Guards :

Certified by All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore : All four sizes of earplugs satisfy the Sound Attenuation requirements as specified in the Indian Standard IS : 9167-1979 (reaffirmed 2002)


  1. EAR-GUARDS are available in four sizes : Small, Medium-1, Medium-2 and large to suit individual ear canals. Choose correct size which snug fits comfortably to enhance effectiveness of attenuation of sound. Insert the spherical ends in the ears with light finger pressure and lateral movement.
  2. Material used : Nylon-6 is inert, non-toxic engineering plastic and retains high gloss, shape and cleanliness. No effect of body oil, ear wax. Can be wiped off clean with cloth and can be sterlized in hot water.
  3. Smooth, polished, spherical shape at the insert end ensures perfect seal with ear canel without straining ear muscles. Provide high wearing comfort, thus improve acceptance and willingness to use. remain clean and have very long life.
  4. EAR-GUARDS attenuate harmful sounds at higher frequencies to safer levels. Attenuation is much less in low frequency sounds so that speech and discrimination (SD) of warning signals can be perceived.
  5. EAR-GUARDS leave virtually the entire outer ear exposed increasing localisation accuracy of origin of sounds as compared to ear-muffs.
  6. For those with normal hearing , EAR-GUARDS will provide improved communication when sound levels are greater than about 85 dBs. Proper use of HPDs will prevent persons from developing a temporary hearing loss and allow existing temporary losses to recover before they become permanent.
  7. Prevent noise-induced hearing loss, improve general employee health, productivity and safety.
  8. Useful in factories, textile mills, power looms, hand looms, rock drilling, stone cutting sights, mines, traffic noise both road and railways, rock music, shooters and in airplanes. Usefule for light sleepers, students, meditation, avoiding snoring sound, swimmers and in hospitals.

Laboratory Weights / Precision Weights :
Quality Metal Works, manufacturing Milligram Fractional Weight since 1968. The company is well equipped for manufacturing Milligram Fractional Weight to International Standards : OIML F1 : International Recommendation R 111.

Fractional Weights : 500mg, 200mg and 100mg are made of Stainless  Steel : Type-304 and 50mg, 20mg, 10mg, 5mg, 2mg and 1mg are made out of Aluminium sheets. They are smooth and free from irregularities to retain cleanliness and accuracy.

Precision weights, laboratory precision weightsCalibration & certification ( 1mg to 200gm ) :
Weights from 1mg to 200gm can be supplied with Certificate from RRSL, Bangalore and weighst from 1mg to 100gm can be supplied with Self Certification to confirm to OIML F1 Class.

Laboratory Fractional Weights for College Students :
Quality Metal Works, manufacturing  Finest and Accurate “QUALITY” Fractional Weights for student use. Each set contains 1mg to 500mg (set of 12 Nos.) packed in attractive sliding type plastic boxes with or without plastic forceps.

Terminal Box / Junction Box in Nylon-6 for Electric Motors :
Quality Metal Works is manufacturing five sizes of Terminal Box in Nylon-6. The material used is Nylon-6.

Consistent Quality, Reliability of supplies, high visual appeal in glossy black color with pleasing functional design have increased our satisfied customers. Many motor manufacturers in India are using our Terminal Box ever since we introduced them ten years back. They are moulded under controlled conditions and expert supervision.

Assembly is two piece construction for fixing with four M-5 screws. Terminal Box is rotatable : 4 x 90 degrees increments. Access to terminals inside is by removing the slide-on terminal box over to conduit plate, after removing four screws. Tongue and groove construction gives protection against dust and water. Terminal Box can be tested for IP55 by fixing Terminal Box with rubber gasket.

Electric motor junction box, Terminal Box
Terminal Box in Nylon-6
Part Number : 604022
Size : 60(L)x40(B)x22(H)
6mm Cable Openings : 2 Nos.
Diagonal Hole Centres : 60mm
Electric motor junction box, Terminal Box
Terminal Box in Nylon-6
Part Number : 626235
Size : 62(L)x62(B)x35(H)
Conduit Plate : 3/4" BSC, Pg11,M20x1.5
Hole Centres : 50mm x 50mm
Electric motor junction box, Terminal Box
Terminal Box in Nylon-6
Part Number : 727241/1
Size : 72(L)x72(B)x41(H)
Conduit Plate : 3/4" BSC, Pg11,M20x1.5
Hole Centres : 60mm x 60mm

Electric motor junction box, Terminal Box
Terminal Box in Nylon-6
Part Number : 929241
Size : 92(L)x92(B)x41(H) :
Conduit Plate : One opening only, in 3/4" BSC, 1” BSC, Pg11, Pg16, M20x1.5P, M25x1.5P
Hole Centres : 80mm x 80mm
Electric motor junction box, Terminal Box
Terminal Box in Nylon-6
Part number : 10210243
Size : 102(L)x102(B)x43(H)
Conduit Plate : One or two openings
With one conduit opening for : 3/4" BSC, 1” BSC, Pg11, Pg16, M20x1.5P, M25x1.5P and :
With two conduit openings for : :P 3/4" BSC, Pg11,M20x1.5P :
Hole Centres : 90mm x 90mm .

Conduit Plate Plugs :
3/4" BSC, PG11, M20x1.5P, 1” BSC, PG16, M25x1.5P

T.F.O. Spares :
Quality Metal Works, manufacturing Textile Machinery Parts ( T.F.O spares). We manufacture Centering Discs in various sizes, Thread Combs for T.F.O's.

Spindle Studs (For Generators):
Quality Metal Works, manufacturing spindle studs for Generators in various sizes.

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